2019 Global Market Outlook:
The late-late cycle show

U.S. Federal Reserve tightening, trade wars, China uncertainty, Italy and Brexit imply 2018’s volatility should continue into 2019. Our models indicate the U.S. recession danger zone is 2020, which gives equity markets some upside. But late-cycle risks are rising.



Market Insights

The good, the bad and the alternative

With the current late cycle market environment, investors are becoming more and more interested in seeking returns from non-traditional assets. This article discusses where to find value in unlisted assets and how to avoid the tripwires.
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Time to focus on China

From trade wars with the U.S., to the widely publicised slowdown in gross domestic product (GDP) growth, China has rarely been out of the news in the past 18 months. Unfortunately, those taking the headlines at face value may be missing out on long-term opportunities available within this economic powerhouse.
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The Fed could still hike rates again this year. Here's why.

As expected, the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) left interest rates unchanged at the conclusion of today’s policy meeting, once again emphasizing a patient approach to monetary policy in the months ahead.
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4 potential outcomes for Brexit: Probabilities and market impact

We see four main ways the Brexit saga could play out. Here are the potential market impacts of each one.
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International Bonds Q&A

In this short Q&A James Mitchell provides the latest insights from the Global bond markets and shares Russell Investments current positioning in the face of changing market conditions.
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January FOMC meeting: A pause, but (probably) not the end of the tightening cycle

The Fed announced a pause in interest-rate increases today, stressing it will wait and see how the economy fares as the year unfolds before weighing future rate adjustments.
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Top 5 investment themes to watch for 2019

How might 2019 shape up across the investment landscape? Here’s our take on the key issues to pay attention to. Topics: Market insights
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To fear or not to fear the yield curve

Does the U.S. Treasury yield curve always foretell a recession?
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Excellent adventure or bogus journey? How the next recession may unfold

Markets are struggling. Global growth is slowing. And as attention increasingly turns to the possibility of a recession, it's time to stop pondering when an economic slump will set in, and focus instead on what it may entail.
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