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Our investment perspectives

Thoughts on the return profile of impact investments – and why traditional financial analysis is likely a good starting point.

Whenever new and exciting investment opportunities arise, you can bet that some people will start to argue that the value cannot be captured through traditional modelling or valuation techniques. Noah Schiltknecht discusses a valuable blueprint for integrating impact investments into an asset allocation decision.


3 reasons to consider infrastructure investment

Infrastructure can provide an opportunity to help achieve desired investment outcomes while effectively managing overall risk at the total portfolio level. In today’s world of low returns, the game is on to unearth additional sources of return. Infrastructure may be worth the dig.


Make money and change the world for the better

So what are we waiting for? Shouldn’t all our money go into impact investments straight away? This sounds like a pretty logical strategy at first glance, at least for those of us who care about others and the future of our planet. However, as investors, we always should ensure that our emotions are not getting into the way of smart decision making. Noah Schiltknecht discusses, how to ensure impact investments land smoothly in your portfolio.


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