Blending leading managers and strategies in a diversified, adaptive and efficient portfolio.


Why our Model Portfolios

Russell Investments launched its first multi-asset model portfolio product for U.S. individual investors in 1985, which carefully blended return potential whilst attempting to manage risk, aiming to produce more consistent returns over the long term. As our process has evolved with the times, the principle of diversification remains at its heart; that your investment is working for you no matter what investment approach or style is in favour at any given time.

Why Russell Investments Model Portfolios

  • We provide Institutional grade asset allocation expertise
  • Access to the world’s leading managers and strategies
  • Robust processes to adapt responsibly to changing markets

Our approach

Russell Investments’ Model Portfolio’s are built using our capital markets forecasts and Monte Carlo simulations to generate summarised return expectations.

Our return forecasts take into consideration prevailing market conditions. Specifically, variables we consider include current and projected interest rates and credit spreads, credit transition probabilities, dividend yields, forecasts earnings growth, and currencies. Simulations are constructed from forward-looking volatilities and correlations, which are largely projected from historical analysis.

Our story

Learn all about who we are, where we began, and how our investment approach puts the world's leading investment managers to work for you.

Who we are Our investment approach

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