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*This calculator uses the assumption of a single person who owns their home outright, is relatively healthy and includes current NZ Superannuation in total income.

As a starting point, the income needed in retirement is the generally accepted figure of 65% of your pre-retirement income. Preparing a personal budget will give you the best estimate of the income you’ll need for your desired retirement lifestyle, as it will take into account your personal needs and goals.

How long will my savings need to last?

On average a man that retires at the age of 65 will need his retirement income to last for approximately 18 years. A woman on the other hand that retires at the age of 65 will need her retirement income to last approximately 21 years. Source: Stats NZ

The earlier you start planning the more time you will have to ensure you are on track to achieving your retirement outcome.

Are you on track?

Rather than waiting until retirement to find out if you have a shortfall, you can avoid a gap just by checking how you are going along the way and taking action if you need to.

You can use the retirement planning tool to find out how much income your super may be expected to provide in retirement.

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