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At Russell Investments, we believe true sustainable investing is a long-term investment approach that accounts for a wide range of dynamic environmental, social and governance factors.

Whether you are a large superannuation fund or a small for-purpose organisation, there is increasing pressure to determine an investment solution that reflects your organisations’ values, manages risk and meets your investment objectives.

We draw upon our integrated multi-asset capabilities to support our clients in Australia and around the world to navigate the evolving responsible investment agenda.

Key benefits
Responsible investment funds

Russell Investments Low Carbon Global Shares Fund

The Low Carbon Fund provides investors with a sustainable investment solution that supports the management of climate change risk and the transition to a low carbon economy. Designed with Russell Investments’ proprietary decarbonisation strategy, the low carbon fund comprehensively considers the value and measure of carbon, green energy and environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives.

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Russell Investments Australian Responsible Investments ETF

The RARI ETF provides investors with a simple, cost-effective and transparent means of accessing an ESG enhanced portfolio of Australian shares. It negatively screens for companies that have significant involvement in activities deemed inconsistent with widely recognised responsible investment objectives an upweights companies that demonstrate positive ESG characteristics.

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Responsible investment services

Centralised portfolio management

Our proprietary CPM solution is designed to capture the benefits of multi-manager portfolios, while upholding the rules specified through your responsible investment policy, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Exclusionary screens

A number of our clients seek to exclude companies and/or industries such as gambling, from their portfolios. We can provide investment screens based on the characteristics you wish to vet from your portfolio to remove concerns for specific securities.

Enhanced index exposure

We can apply tailored portfolio tilting to positively invest in companies with specific traits, such as low carbon, or strong ESG characteristics, across an enhanced passive exposure.

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