Customised portfolio services

Access specialist expertise to help your team gain greater portfolio control, limit costs, reduce risk, and enhance returns.

Combine your internal resources with our global capabilities

Investment teams are facing significant pressure with a squeeze on fee budgets, scrutiny of governance approaches, and challenging late-cycle market conditions driving an increase in demand for nimble processes and a need to reach further globally to access new source of return.

Designed to support in-house investment teams, we have a suite of services that can be customised in combination or delivered as discreet solutions to help you tackle your investment challenge.


We combine an experienced local team with our global investment specialists across all asset types and investment techniques to provide tailored insights.

Asset consulting


We help clients to manage their risks and investment performance when restructuring their portfolios or asset classes.

Transition Management


Remove unwanted exposures, capture specific ESG outcomes or manage specific ESG risks using our tailored solutions or proprietary investment strategies.

Responsible Investment

and Execution

Gain superior access to a deeper set of liquidity, minimising market impact and contributing to improved trading performance through our 24hr trading desk covering equity, fixed income, foreign exchange and derivatives.

Trading and Execution


Manage foreign exchange trading costs and currency risk management. Draw upon our currency investment team and FX trading specialists to help create a solution to efficiently manage your currency exposures.

Currency management


Control your investment exposures and carefully manage risk with a fast and flexible overlay strategy.

Overlay Services

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Industry leading

When you invest, it's good to know you're among the best. Russell Investments has been globally recognised for excellence in the investment industry.

We have a proven track record in investment implementation, with scale, client satisfaction, and innovative solutions, and more than 35 years of experience.

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