New thinking needed around retirement savings

In this interesting interview, Tim Noonan discusses the need to rethink retirement savings and how advisers talk to clients about their futures.

May 2019

Adviser Insights

Adviser - Checklist and Stoplist

Do you sometimes struggle to find the time to accomplish all you need to do in your work day, week, year? It’s time to take a step back, assess and organise. What’s your team’s Checklist & Stoplist?
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Outcomes are the new alpha

Want to know why the tortoise beat the hare? He (or, more likely, she) stayed focused on the finish line. The tortoise was all about the outcome.

In a recent study that we shared, we found investors who built the most wealth did so with a focus on long-term outcomes. Guess what those with the smallest account holdings did? They focused on short-term performance. They acted like hares. The wealthiest acted more like tortoises.
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