Our open architecture approach incorporates best-of-breed asset manager strategies with the aim to achieve stronger risk-adjusted returns.

What can equity do for you?

Russell Investments offer a range of equity funds, including actively managed and factor-based solutions, both regional and global. We dynamically manage allocations using our proven investment strategy process, with the aim to achieve stronger risk-adjusted returns than can typically be achieved by a single active manager.


World class investments

Our world class Investments

Offering diversification, stability, and income potential. Our next generation of fixed income solutions takes advantage of global geographies, sectors, and third party specialists to further enhance your returns.

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World class investments

Our approach to managing money

We believe that the best way for investors to reach their desired outcomes is with a multi-asset approach, combining asset allocation, manager selection and dynamic portfolio management.

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World class investments

How to access the Russell Investments Funds

For institutional clients and retail investors, explore how you can access our funds. Change button to: Access funds

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Our funds

We have a broad range of funds open to institutional investors, a selection of these are available below.

Fund Inception Date Performance (p.a.)
As of 30/6/2021
1 Month 3 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Since Inception
Russell Investments Global Opportunities Fund 31/12/2004 4.46% 7.33% 33.54% 13.44% 15.81% 9.31% Download
Russell Investments Global Opportunities Fund $NZ Hedged 31/3/2005 1.16% 6.77% 40.87% 13.19% 15.01% 10.02% Download
MSMM Global Real Estate Securities Fund $NZ Hedged 23/12/2005 5.25% 9.96% 23.44% 5.34% 5.53% 3.89% Download
Russell Investments Global Listed Infrastructure Fund 2/11/2017 -0.07% 3.91% 18.29% 6.94% - 5.83% Download

Note: Class A is provided for institutional clients and Class B is available for retail funds.

Portfolio Investment Entities

Retail funds provided in partnership with Implemented Investment Solutions

FUND PDS Factsheet
Russell Investments NZ Shares Fund Download Download
Russell Investments Global Shares Fund Download Download
Russell Investments Hedged Global Shares Fund Download Download

How to access

The Russell Investments New Zealand Funds are available through the below platforms.

Retail investors

Retail investors should contact their financial professional or platform operator on how to invest in Russell Investments’ funds.

Institutional investors

Please ensure you read the Fund PDS and the additional information that is referenced in the fund PDS. Then you must complete and sign the Application Form within the fund PDS.


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