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Russell Investments and Aon KiwiSaver scheme, provide eight different Russell LifePoints® investment portfolios designed to meet different investor risk profiles.

World class investments

Our world class Investments

Offering diversification, stability, and income potential. Our next generation of fixed income solutions takes advantage of global geographies, sectors, and third party specialists to further enhance your returns.

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World class investments

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We believe that the best way for investors to reach their desired outcomes is with a multi-asset approach, combining asset allocation, manager selection and dynamic portfolio management.

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World class investments

How to access the Russell Investments Funds

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Access Russell Investments fund via the AON KiwiSaver Scheme.

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Want to know more about what Russell Investments offers through the Aon KiwiSaver Scheme?

You can download the product disclosure statement, or you can view the latest investment returns and updates for the funds at

Join or transfer using the online application form that uses an electronic service to verify your identity by checking your information against external databases.

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