Equity funds

We have a broad range of equity funds open to institutional investors.

GLOBAL RUSSELL INVESTMENTS GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES FUND An aggressive core global equity fund with exposure to developed and emerging markets. Also available in NZD hedged Australia
Russell Global Large Cap Index Net
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS INTERNATIONAL SHARES FUND A core global equity fund with an exposure to developed markets accessing some of the best money managers Australia
Russell Developed Large Cap - Net Index
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS GLOBAL DEFENSIVE EQUITY FUND Seeks to achieve growth but with lower volatility than other global equity funds Ireland
Russell Global Defensive Index
GLOBAL INVESTMENTS HIGH DIVIDEND EQUITY FUND A global fund with significant investment in high dividend paying companies Ireland
Russell Global Net Index
REGIONAL RUSSELL INVESTMENTS AUSTRALIAN OPPORTUNITIES FUND Aims to find higher return seeking strategies in the Australian equity market Australia
S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS AUSTRALIAN SHARES FUND Provides core exposure to Australian shares Australia
S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS AUSTRALIAN SHARES ENHANCED INCOME FUND Seeks to provide growth, regular income and a level of protection from falling markets Australia
S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index
EUROPEAN SMALL CAP FUND Access to European small and mid cap equities Ireland
MSMM ESCF Benchmark
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS PAN EUROPEAN EQUITY FUND Broadly diversified across different European countries and industries Ireland
Russell Developed Europe Large Cap Net (Linked)
Russell Developed Europe ex-UK Large Cap Net (Linked)
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS UK EQUITY PLUS FUND Exposure to an aggressive portfolio of predominantly UK equities Ireland
FTSE All Shares Index - Sterling TR
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS JAPAN EQUITY FUND Provides core exposure to Japanese equities Ireland
JEF Benchmark
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS ASIA PACIFIC EX JAPAN FUND Broadly diversified core exposure to a mix of emerging and developed market equities in the Asia Pacific region Ireland
Russell Asia Pacific ex Japan
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS US SMALL CAP EQUITY FUND Invests principally in US small capitalisation companies Ireland
Russell 2000 Index Net of Withholding Tax (30%)
EMERGING MARKETS RUSSELL INVESTMENTS EMERGING MARKETS FUND Invests in companies in emerging markets (developing countries) or companies that carry out a majority of their business in emerging markets Ireland
Russell Emerging Market Extended Index (Net)
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS FRONTIER MARKETS EQUITY FUND Access to newer and smaller developing equity markets Ireland
Russell Frontier ex GCC Index Net
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS EMERGING MARKETS EXTENDED OPPORTUNITIES FUND Seeks to find greater opportunities in small cap emerging and frontier equity markets Australia
Russell Emerging Market Extended Index (Net)
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS CHINA A EQUITY FUND Access to Chinese companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges in local currency Ireland
CSI 300

The availability of these funds is current as at 29 November 2016.

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