Fixed Income Funds

We have a broad range of fixed income funds that are open to institutional investors.

GLOBAL RUSSELL INVESTMENTS GLOBAL BOND FUND Provides a core exposure to global bond markets with a broad range of active strategies across interest rates, currency and credit. Australia
Barclays Global Aggregate Index (NZD Hedged)
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS GLOBAL HIGH YIELD FUND Invests primarily in high yield corporate and emerging market bonds. Ireland
100% ML Global HY Constrained (euro hedged)
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS GLOBAL CREDIT FUND Invests in corporate, governments and government agency bonds worldwide to achieve income and growth. Ireland
Barclays Global Aggregate Credit Index
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS UNCONSTRAINED BOND FUND Aims to address the challenging, low interest rate environment which has made it difficult to find reliable, income-generating investments. Ireland
REGIONAL RUSSELL INVESTMENTS AUSTRALIAN BOND FUND Core exposure to the Australian fixed income securities market. Australia
UBSA Composite Bond Index
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS AUSTRALIAN BOND INCOME FUND Seeks to provide an income stream by investing in a diversified portfolio of Australian fixed income securities. Australia
UBSA Composite Bond Index
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS STERLING BOND FUND Core exposure to sterling denominated bonds. Ireland
RIC SBF Benchmark
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS UK INDEX LINKED FUND Invests in securities on the FTSE A Government Linked All Stocks Index. Ireland
Barclays UK inflation Linked Bonds Index
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS UK LONG DATED GILT FUND Invests in long dated UK government bonds. Ireland
Barclays UK Gilts 15+ Index
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS EURO FIXED INCOME FUND Provides exposure to a diverse portfolio of Euro denominated fixed income securities. Ireland
Citigroup EuroBig Index
RUSSELL INVESTMENTS US BOND FUND Seeks to deliver income and growth by investing in US dollar denominated fixed income securities. Ireland
Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond Index
EMERGING MARKETS RUSSELL INVESTMENTS EMERGING MARKETS DEBT LOCAL CURRENCY FUND Invests in local currency emerging market, government and corporate bonds to provide income and growth. Ireland
JPM GBI-EM Global Diversified

The availability of these funds is current as at 29 November 2016.

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