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Discover investment possibilities that support your long-term goals and open up a world of potential.

Our New Zealand team of specialists draw from years of first-hand local experience in supporting organisations like yours to deliver pragmatic solutions that meet your needs.

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As an institutional investor, you've never been under more pressure to make the right decisions. Volatile markets, changing regulation and growing complexity mean your job is tougher than ever before.

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We aim to help you make better decisions and improve performance across every aspect of your portfolio. We have been working with institutional investors of all sizes for over 40 years, providing innovative investment advice and solutions.

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Implemented Consulting
Concerned about how you manage an investment programme with limited time and resources? Let us help with the day to day running of your investment programme freeing you up to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Asset Management
We offer a range of innovative multi-manager sector funds that are constantly evolving to take advantage of market opportunities. Alternatively, you can talk to us about our directly managed customised solutions.

Asset Consulting

We can advise on all aspects of your investment programme from governance and strategic asset allocation through to monitoring and review.

Implementation Services
We can work to help improve the performance of your portfolio and reduce exposure to any unintended risk.

Implemented consulting

We tailor world-leading asset managers, local expertise and global resources to meet your organisation’s needs.

Implemented consulting


Funds and

For investment solutions that deliver your desired outcomes, access our innovative range of products and service to complete your portfolio.

Funds and strategies


Customised portfolio solutions

Combine your internal resources with our global capabilities and expertise to gain more portfolio control, limit costs, reduce risk and enhance returns.

Customised portfolio solutions