The non-profit fiduciaries’ handbook

A step-by-step guide to investment strategy for non-profit investors

As a non-profit fiduciary you need to ensure that your organisation has the money, talent, experience and resources to fund your non-profit’s mission….and you need to do this in an uncertain market environment. It’s a lot to ask.

A roadmap for your investment programme
To help you meet these challenges we have created a handbook. Each section provides a roadmap to help give your investment programme the best chance of achieving your goals.

Practical advice, planning tools and best practice information to help you successfully fulfil your responsibilities
The handbook is simple to understand with practical worksheets throughout. It is a useful resource for fiduciaries who are new to their roles, or who simply want to brush up on a few concepts.

Delivered in five sections
The non-profit fiduciaries handbook is available free of charge to trustees and staff of non-profit organisations in New Zealand. It is delivered in five sections:

SECTION ONE: Defining your goals and objectives

SECTION TWO: Building a strong risk management and fiduciary framework

SECTION THREE: Determining your strategic asset allocation

SECTION FOUR: Selecting managers and strategies to achieve your goals

SECTION FIVE: Ongoing management of your investment portfolio