Environmental activities

Improving our environmental performance

Reducing our impact on the environment. It's a vital consideration in all our activities. We are introducing an increasing number of environmentally responsible programs throughout our business. Together, each initiative is ensuring we reduce waste and emissions, and promote sustainable practices.

Highlighting our achievements

These are just some of a growing range of environmental initiatives that are helping Russell Investments reduce its impact on the natural world.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: many of our offices have sustainability certifications and ratings, reflecting how they limit greenhouse gases.

These include:

  • Seattle – LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum-certified, 100 ENERGY STAR® score
  • New York – LEED CI Silver
  • Chicago – LEED EB Platinum
  • Sydney – NABERS Energy rating 3.5 stars, NABERS Water rating 3 stars (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) on a 6-star scale
  • Melbourne – NABERS Energy rating 4.5 stars, NABERS Water rating 4 stars on a 6-star scale
  • Johannesburg – ISO 14001 certified
  • Toronto – LEED Gold (EB:OM)

These certifications are progressing:

  • London – ISO 14001 
  • Lowering energy and water consumption: a voluntary program of improved energy efficiency and reduced water consumption is in place
  • Managing waste and materials: we are committed to reducing and recycling non-hazardous waste
  • Using recycled materials: we incorporate recycled materials within our working environment, wherever possible
  • Promoting paperless environments: for example, introducing electronic supply-chain transactions
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