Helping institutional investors select an Outsourced CIO.

Access sample questions to help you in building your own Request for Proposal (RFP)

An effective relationship with an Outsourced CIO (OCIO) provider is a partnership - the firm that you hire ultimately becomes an extension of your organization. Searching for the provider that will bring you the right combination of advice, investments and services and is staffed by people you like and trust, is a daunting task. Not all OCIO providers are created equally.

As a recipient of many RFPs every year, we are often asked to share insights into the most commonly asked questions we receive from prospective clients.

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The questions cover:

  • Organizational history, structure, and experience
  • Services provided by the firm
  • Clients served by the firm
  • Strategic advice


  • Fees
  • Asset allocation strategy & investment philosophy
  • Portfolio construction & manager research process
  • Client service philosophy and team
  • Risk management process, monitoring & systems
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