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February 2023 Equity Market Outlook: Managers cautiously optimistic on Europe and China

After a punishing year for equities, are managers feeling more optimistic about a 2023 rebound in some parts of the world?

Q4 2022 Findings
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Q3 2022 update

Market volatility expected to persist

Could this year’s topsy-turvy ride in markets calm down during the final months?

Q2 2022 update

Deep recession not expected

The risks of a recession may be on the rise, but if one does strike the global economy in the next year or two, most equity managers don’t expect it to be severe, according to our second-quarter report.

What is the Equity Manager Outlook?

Our distinct relationship with underlying managers allows us to have unique access to insights from specialists across the equity manager universe. This report compiles our chief tactical observations from key geographic and equity regions across the globe.

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