Equity Manager Report

Q2 2021 Equity Manager Report: Volatility providing opportunities for skilled managers

Our compilation of unique, forward-looking insights from specialists across the manager universe during the second quarter of 2021.

Q2 2021 Findings
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Q1 2021 update

Value the standout performer again

Performance highlights from the first quarter of 2021, plus how the rapid recovery of certain cyclical and reopening trades is impacting manager viewpoints.

Q1 2021 Findings

Q3 2020 update

Special U.S. election edition

The latest on how equity managers across the globe fared during the third quarter, plus how the upcoming U.S. election is impacting manager viewpoints.

Q3 2020 Findings

What is the Equity Manager Report?

Our distinct relationship with underlying managers allows us to have unique access to insights from specialists across the equity manager universe. This report compiles our chief tactical observations from key geographic and equity regions across the globe.

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