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Institutional masterclass with Adam Smears

Multi-Asset Credit

Three experts discuss the risk and reward characteristics of multi-asset credit; the role of multi-asset credit in a pension portfolio; and the impact of Brexit on the asset class.

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Multi-asset masterclass with David Vickers

Multi-Asset Panel

The past 2 years have been a great time for investors despite political and geopolitical mayhem, so in 2018 will this investment environment continue and what are the advantages of a multi-asset approach?

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Multi-Asset Masterclass

In this Masterclass, four experts discuss multi-asset investing and its concerns for investors, how to approach multi-asset investing when there is so much uncertainty, what current equity opportunities there are and what trends can be found in the industry.

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Multi-asset Investing

David Vickers, Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses Absolute return investing, scalability and what to look for.

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Multi-asset: How global is the offering to UK investors?

How do you run a truly global product when most of your investors are sterling-based and what threats and opportunities do the current woes in China’s stock market and Greece provide investors? Our experts discuss these and other key topics.

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How Diversified Are Diversified Growth Funds?

How will these strategies perform in a serious down market and, at a time when markets are high, is cash an acceptable asset class to invest in? These are two of the topics debated by our expert panel.

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Where's The Real Value In Global Markets?

From the outlook for the US Treasury market to the relative attractions of Microsoft, our expert panel looks at where the best value is to be found for multi-asset investors.

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