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Downside Management

Downside management toolkit

This downside management toolkit keeps you informed of the latest market events; shares how we have been managing downside risk in our portfolios; and equips you with important truths to hold on to while markets bounce through turbulent times.

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Multi-Asset Panel | Masterclass

The past two years have been a great time for investors despite political and geopolitical mayhem, so in 2018 will this investment environment continue and what are the advantages of a multi-asset approach?


Retirement Lifestyle Solutions

At Russell Investments, we believe that up to 50% of your pension pot can come from post-retirement
investment growth.

We follow the 15/35/50 Retirement Lifestyle Rule:

  • 15% from money saved during your working years
  • 35% from the investment growth realised before you retired
  • 50% from investment growth that occurs during your retirement.

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What’s happening in the markets

Industry articles


‘True’ diversification: Is your portfolio overly exposed to equity risk?

Russell Investment’s David Vickers explains why multi-asset investors must use a broader set of asset classes in order to attain ‘true diversification’ that is able to properly navigate market challenges.

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Overcoming the ‘low-return’ imperative

Flexible multi-asset solutions are key, enabling investors to respond to everchanging market conditions says Russell Investments’ David Vickers.

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Educational resources

Leading through change

Head of the British Army, General Sir Mike Jackson, took us on an inspirational journey through successfully transitioning for the better.

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Russell Investments Adviser Sphere

Watch highlights from our recent CPD accredited Adviser Sphere event, where we discussed practical ways for advisers to evolve through change.

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