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Achieve what matters for your clients—and for your business

At the heart of the Russell Investments Wealth Management service is a community of advisers within the In Partnership network who are committed to helping clients achieve the goals that matter to them. Join them and you’ll gain access to our suite of exclusive services designed to support you in meeting your clients’ objectives as well as your own professional challenges.

Enhanced client experience

The Russell Investments Wealth Management service is designed to help you help your clients. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of products, services and tools to help you give your clients the best possible experience.

A proven process for client satisfaction

Developed, tested and refined through decades of experience with advisers, the Russell Investments Wealth Management process is designed to help your clients achieve the outcomes they require. Robust and repeatable, it provides you with the tools you need throughout the advice process.

A roadmap for future engagement

Roadmap for Future EngagementsClient review meetings are key to building strong relationships. Russell Investments Wealth Management provides a Road Map for client engagement to help you make sure each client meeting is well-planned, informative and constructive.

Access to best-of-breed managers

Russell Investments Wealth Management taps into Russell Investments' manager research team made up of over 560 financial professionals around the world. Best-of-breed managers will include well-known investment names as well as managers only a company like Russell Investments can access.

Strategies to help clarify client goals

Understanding what clients want from their future is an art that goes beyond the fact find. Our Vision Document, unique to Russell Investments Wealth Management, will help you find out what really matters to each of your clients—so you can build a plan to take them there.

Solutions that fit

Solutions that fitInvestment solutions available through Russell Investments Wealth Management are designed to help clients achieve their goals. They are made up of well-diversified funds precisely combined into a range of multi-asset, risk-rated model portfolios for you to tailor for your client’s needs.

Preferential terms with key providers

Using the Russell Investments Wealth Management service gives access to preferential rates with Cofunds, our preferred platform provider, which in turn gives your clients excellent value for money.

Enhanced business support

When you use the Russell Investments Wealth Management service, you’ll benefit from Russell Investments' 75 year heritage and In Partnership’s experience helping advisers across the UK. We’ve put this experience to work for you by developing a suite of ready-to-use systems, tools and training to help support your business.Investments

Integrated back office system

Russell Investments Wealth Management has partnered with Intelliflo to create a bespoke workstation. This will provide you with a simplified technology solution for common adviser challenges. Key stages in the process are automated—reducing the need to re-key and wade through information.

Dedicated support team

Dedicated support teamWhen you use our Wealth Management service, you’ll have a dedicated Regional Director to support you and your business plans. They’ll work with you to create a tailored roadmap for your business and help you achieve it.

Robust and repeatable investment solution

The Russell Investments Wealth Management solutions are built using the same sophisticated investment processes as we use for some of the world’s largest pension funds, tailored into risk-rated portfolios for individual investors. This means they are designed to deliver consistent, predictable performance over time.

Practical business consultancy

Practical Business ConsultancyRussell Investments Academy is designed to help you run a scalable, efficient and profitable business. All advisers who use Russell Investments Wealth Management will need to complete the first four foundation modules, and you can complete additional modules of your choice to help your business succeed.

Financial benefits

Russell Investments Wealth Management supports a suite of financial benefits tailored to your business. These include flexible and competitive client pricing, guaranteed advice and a range of exit strategies.

Marketing support

The Russell Investments Wealth Management service is supported by a range of high-quality marketing materials that can be co-branded with your own company name. We’ll provide you with clear, compliant material to support you at every step of the way.

Ready-to-use client communications

Advisers who use Russell Investments Wealth Management will benefit from our tailored client communications—from meeting follow up letters to client roadmaps and vision documents—all available directly from the adviser workstation.

The Russell Investments Wealth Management Process: Delivering a quality experience

The Russell Investments Wealth Management Process is designed to give you a framework that you can use to manage your client relationships. The Process will give you the tools and support you need at every step of the way.

The Russell Wealth Management Process Cycle

1. Understand what matters

All clients are different. Understanding what matters to them is an art that goes beyond the fact find. Some will be prepared to take risks to meet a goal that matters to them. Others want the peace of mind that comes with a low-risk strategy. Our proprietary Vision Document will help you with these conversations—so you can find out what really matters to each client.

2. Develop a bespoke plan

Clients need a plan in clear language that they can understand. We have a number of planning tools to help you design the plan and deliver it in a way that makes sense to your clients. And for your highest value clients, there’s a bespoke consultancy service to analyse their portfolios and help you to optimise them.

3. Start the journey

You've developed a plan to help your clients meet their goals. Now you need the solutions to make it happen. That's what Russell Investments Wealth Management solutions are designed to do. From the risk return charts for our risk-rated model portfolios through to our customisable portfolio solutions, you'll find portfolios to meet your clients' needs.

4. Keep on track

People's circumstances change. The economy shifts. The market moves. We provide the tools—such as the funded ratio and ongoing review packs—to assess your clients' portfolios against their goals and adjust as necessary. We also provide timely market and investment insights to support the conversations you have with your clients.

World-class solutions from Russell Investments

Through Russell Investments Wealth Management, you’ll gain access to Russell Investments’ 75 years of experience improving financial security for clients. Our institutional investment strength—we invest for some of the world’s best known companies such as Coca-Cola and IBM—means that you can rely on our robust portfolio solutions to deliver for your clients.

We’re consistently ranked the leading manager research firm in the world. With over 560 global investment professionals and the unique expertise afforded us by our family of Russell Indexes, we can identify the best investment managers—both large and boutique—wherever they may be.

We use these to construct our multi-manager, multi-asset Model Portfolios. These are risk-rated so you can work with your clients to select and then customise a portfolio which best suits their risk preferences.

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Russell Investments Wealth Management is open to advisers who are part of the In Partnership adviser network. Contact us to find out more.


Any opinion expressed is that of Russell Investments, is not a statement of fact, is subject to change and does not constitute investment advice.
The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

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