Brexit vote and Fed rate hike speculations

On this week’s Market Week in Review video webcast:

  • U.S. 1Q GDP data was revised up 0.8%, adding fuel to speculation that the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) will raise interest rates in June or July.
  • How might the upcoming “Brexit” vote be impacting equity markets?
  • Discussion of upcoming economic indicator data to watch next week.

Investment Strategist Paul Eitelman joins Director of Communications Mark Soupiset on this week’s Market Week in Review video webcast. Eitelman discusses how key political activities, including the U.K.’s “Brexit” vote, may have contributed to a good week for equities in Europe  and the U.S.

He also discusses U.S. economic performance – including the revised 1Q 2016 GDP data, housing and industrial activity, and the changing possibility of a Fed rate hike in June.

Eitelman shares his expert opinion on what was behind a good week for equities in the U.S. and Europe, as well as his expectations for what may drive markets in the weeks ahead.