Engage clients using this guide to help develop their investing path

Morning run What with the recent market volatility and concerns about a global economic slowdown, it seems like skittish investors have been served no shortage of temptations to bail out of their portfolios. In turn, that means that many advisors are likely working overtime, attempting to prevent their clients from making knee-jerk decisions in the face of such uncertainty. Indeed, advisors are key in helping investors chart – and commit to – a suitable long-term investing path via a portfolio that is risky enough for them to have a chance of reaching their goals and yet not so risky that they can’t remain invested during patchy periods. As we approach the end of the year, consider sitting down with your clients to take stock of how they are tracking on their plan, where are they seeing gaps and what changes can be made to help achieve their goals in the best possible manner. To aid in that conversation, consider using the latest Investor newsletter, which helps guide investors to create (and review) a plan and highlights aspects for them to discuss with their advisor throughout their investing tenure.

The bottom line

Use the latest Investor newsletter to talk to your clients about their investing goals, current versus future lifestyle and income needs, retirement spending plan, and help them develop an investing approach that weaves in three investing basics—discipline, precision and balance—in order to improve their financial security in long-term.