Awaiting the Fed announcement: A turbulent market week

In this week’s market update:

  • What role did oil play in this week’s global market volatility?
  • Does Europe’s third-quarter GDP offer clues for investors about the European outlook for 2016?

Mediocre global growth has been the norm this year. Do we expect that to continue after the Fed announcement as we head towards the New Year? On this week’s Market Week in Review video, Chief Investment Strategist Erik Ristuben gets viewers ready for next week’s Fed announcement on interest rates and explains the key role that non-OPEC oil production and prices have played in this week’s global equity market volatility.

Mark Soupiset hosts this week’s market update, which also assesses Europe’s mediocre 3Q GDP number and what that should indicate for investors over the coming months. Ristuben also gives his opinion on whether or not we’ll continue to see lackluster economic growth around the world in 2016.