What does Fed inaction mean for investors?

In this week’s market update:

  • As the dust settles from Thursday’s U.S. Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decision to keep interest rates near zero, what should equity and bond investors consider as they look to the short- and long-term future?
  • Europe’s July trade surplus number grew significantly, which may have important implications for the region’s growth outlook.
  • What might China’s mixed economic data mean for investors there and in emerging markets?

On this week’s Market Week in Review video, Chief Investment Strategist Erik Ristuben recaps Thursday’s U.S. FOMC decision to keep interest rates near zero. He gives his views on when Russell Investments expects interest rates to rise, as well as the potential implications for equity and bond investors moving forward given this recent Fed inaction.

Mark Soupiset hosts this week’s market update, which also gets Ristuben’s perspectives on Europe’s growing trade surplus, China’s slowdown in industrial production and growth in consumer spending, and what this may mean for investors in Asia and throughout emerging markets.