Bottom of the barrel? The “good side” of market volatility

In this week’s video update:

  • Investors saw the “good side” of market volatility this week, but how long could this upside last and how low could oil go?
  • How do this week’s U.S. economic data and the Federal Reserve’s recent meeting minutes support the Fed’s 2% inflation target?
  • What key information from the European Central Bank’s (ECB) January meeting minutes suggest ECB policy makers will move towards negative interest rates and further quantitative easing in the eurozone?

Whether it’s concern sparked by China, European banks, or plummeting oil prices, 2016 has proven to be a difficult year for many investors trying to navigate global market volatility. With a mid-week rally showing promise, Chief Investment Strategist Erik Ristuben shares key insights on the week’s market drivers and the “good side” of volatility, as well as Russell Investments’ view on the probability of a global recession.

Blair Lowman hosts this week’s episode, which also reviews the key U.S. economic data released this week – including the jobs report, Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Federal Reserve’s most recent meeting minutes. Ristuben then shares his views on the “inflation vs. deflation” debate and if oil prices have hit the bottom of the barrel. The episode concludes with a discussion on how the ECB January policy meeting minutes, released on Thursday, show ECB policy makers will support Mario Draghi’s “war against deflation” and further quantitative easing in the eurozone.