Investor concerns: Greece, China and U.S. retail sales

In this week’s market update:

  • European Central Bank (ECB) raises emergency liquidity for Greece while German and Greek parliaments approve a new bailout program.
  • Slightly better news for China this week as second-quarter statistics reveal signs of economic improvement, but is it enough to ease investors’ concerns?
  • What could June’s disappointing U.S. retail sales and comments made by the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) mean for the timing of the initial interest rate hike?

On this week’s Market Week in Review video, Investment Strategist Paul Eitelman discusses issues that may have raised concern for some investors during the week, including Greece’s bailout program and China’s continued volatility.

Blair Lowman hosts this week’s market update, which also discusses disappointing retail sales in the U.S. and whether the Federal Reserve’s comments have impacted Russell Investments’ outlook on when interest rates will rise.