New report spotlights Russell Investments’ multi-asset investing approach

We’re pleased to share that Clear Path Analysis, a leading publisher in the financial services and investments sector, features commentary from two members of our multi-asset solutions team in its latest report, Multi-Asset Strategies North America 2017.

In the first interview, Brian Meath, chief investment officer, multi-asset solutions, weighs in on the features of a multi-asset investing strategy for institutional investors and explains how it differs from a traditional siloed approach. Aspects of a multi-asset approach, Meath says, can include:

  • “In-between” asset classes, such as more extended types of fixed income; instruments that have characteristics of both equities and bonds; or derivative-based strategies
  • Measuring performance by outcome-oriented objectives (versus beating a benchmark)
  • Improved transition and implementation costs
  • A tailored approach to meet the specific needs of clients

In the second interview, Rob Balkema, portfolio manager, multi-asset solutions, discusses how a multi-asset strategy can function as a portfolio management tool. Among the offerings that enables it to work this way, Balkema says, are:

  • The ability to customize how risks are handled
  • Added diversification—beyond the traditional 60/40 equity/bond split
  • Overlays and derivatives that can help quickly change asset allocation exposures
  • Flexibility in the use of passive management in some areas and active management in others

The report also includes interviews of several other industry experts on how multi-asset strategies can be applied to:

  • Manager selection
  • Multi-strategy credit
  • Increased pension plan funding
  • Defined contribution plans
  • A new benchmarking index

You can read the complete interview with Brian here, the complete interview with Rob here and the full report from Clear Path Analysis here.