Oil continues volatile effect on global markets

In this week’s episode:

  • Downward oil prices’ effect on market volatility
  • Expectations for earnings season
  • QE announcement at next week’s ECB meeting?

On Market Week in Review, Director, Client Investment Strategies Mark Eibel discusses what the continued downward movement in oil prices has meant for volatility in the markets, commenting on the rate of the drop and its effect on supply and demand, as well as whether oil found its bottom price this week.

Eibel also discusses the start of earnings season with financial companies releasing data this week. While he expects to see from the negative effect of oil prices on energy companies, he mentions we should start seeing positives in other areas benefitting from cheaper energy, and overall, anticipating the markets to be flat to slightly up this earnings season.

Eibel concludes this week’s episode by cautioning investors to keep their eye on important news out of Europe coming up. The markets are largely anticipating the potential announcement of quantitative easing at next Thursday’s European Central Bank (ECB) meeting, and concerns continue to weight regarding the upcoming national election in Greece. Communications and Social Media Manager Alexandra Davis hosts.