Currency wars on horizon? Plus positive U.S. economic data.

In this week’s market update:

  • Does positive U.S economic data support September interest rate hike expectations by the Federal Reserve?
  • People’s Bank of China (PBOC) attempts to ease market fears during Thursday’s press conference; should investors be concerned about currency wars in the near future?
  • How does Europe’s Q2 GDP release impact bailout negotiations with Greece?

On this week’s Market Week in Review video, Chief Investment Strategist Erik Ristuben interprets how this week’s U.S. economic data, particularly retail sales and jobless claims, may impact the Federal Reserve’s looming decision to raise interest rates in September. Ristuben then reviews China’s market news, specifically a statement made by PBOC during a press conference on Thursday. He also discusses if investors should be concerned about “currency wars” in the near future and shares his expectations on the possibility of a more free-floating Yuan.

Blair Lowman hosts this week’s market update, where Ristuben concludes the episode discussing Europe’s Q2 GDP and how it relates to the continued bailout negotiations between Greece and the European Union.