The Fed awakens

In this week’s market update:

  • The long-expected Fed liftoff took place on Dec.16 with the federal funds rate increasing 25 basis points. How did this decision affect global markets and our investment outlook for 2016?
  • Could the concurrence of China’s decision to publish a basket of exchange rates and the U.S. Fed announcement be a cue for investors to expect further monetary policy shifts around the globe in 2016? If so, which indicators should investors watch in Q1?
  • What are a few key insights to be shared in the upcoming 2016 Annual Global Market Outlook?

On the concluding Market Week in Review video for 2015, Chief Investment Strategist Erik Ristuben reviews the interest rate liftoff by the Fed and shares his key market insights going into the new year.

After nearly a decade at the zero lower bound, the Fed’s decision to raise rates was largely anticipated by Russell Investments’ global team of strategists. Ristuben shares fresh insights and new guidance on the possible subsequent glide-path of future rates in 2016. Blair Lowman hosts this week’s market update, which also assesses China’s decision to start tracking the value of the Renminbi against a basket of currencies, rather than just the U.S. dollar. Market Week in Review wraps up 2015 by providing viewers with a few key insights which will be shared in the upcoming 2016 Annual Global Market Outlook which will be published on Jan. 6, 2016.

The next Market Week in Review will be January 8, 2016.