Optimism despite U.S. jobs number rattling markets

In this week’s video update:

  • Friday’s U.S. jobs number missed estimates, but there are positives for investors in the underlying data.
  • Why negative interest rates in Japan and Europe could be good news over the long-term.
  • What are the most important data points for investors to watch going forward?

Investment Strategist North America Paul Eitelman returns to the Market Week in Review webcast this week, joining host Mark Soupiset to discuss Friday’s U.S. non-farm payroll number and why he believes the jobs data isn’t really bad news for the economy and investors.

Eitelman shares his views on recent market volatility and what economic stimulus in Japan and Europe – particularly negative interest rate policies by central bankers – may mean for investors. He also discusses his views on the most important economic data points and market events for investors to keep their eyes on in the weeks ahead.

As a bonus, Eitelman shares his Super Bowl 50 prediction for Sunday’s big game.