What's your advisor superpower?

Financial advisor superpower Being a financial advisor may not require you to run faster than a speeding bullet, but business and client demands often require superhuman-like feats. In today's fast moving environment, you must be able to address real-life challenges—such as how to:
  • manage that panicked client who wants to “buy high and sell low”;
  • prove the value of your human advice versus a robo-advisor; or
  • set expectations with a high-maintenance client who provides low revenue.
These are real-life challenges in a serious business. We've created a way for you to gather some practical tips on running your advisory business while having a little fun along the way. Gameplay to help tackle real-life challenges of advisors In today’s complex world of investment advice and decision-making, Russell Investments has offered up a digital game experience for advisors. Our novel interactive quiz allows advisors to navigate real-life investment and business practice challenges and to select a preferred course of action. Advisors are classified into one of five categories based on their responses to light-heartedly answer ‘What kind of advisor are you?’. The quiz quickly takes the advisor through a non-scientific, but insightful (and entertaining) analysis of their decision-making style, including superpowers, opportunities and risks. Russell then provides additional insight and resources on how to potentially tackle the opportunities and challenges through the game experience.

The bottom line

From our experience, over the last 30 years in multi-asset portfolio investing and working with financial advisors, we’ve found that advisors who understand their strengths and weaknesses are positioned to make higher-quality investment and business decisions. We're here to help. So, take the advisor quiz, find out what kind of advisor you are and discover your advisor superpower.