Why ECB stimulus is a “known unknown”

In this week’s episode:

  • Was Switzerland’s surprising decision to uncouple its currency from the Euro a sign of things to come, or more a symptom of the challenges of maintaining a currency peg?
  • Why the “known unknown” of massive European Central Bank (ECB) stimulus may be a very good thing for European equities
  • What’s most important for investors to keep their eyes on in the week ahead?

News from Europe dominated the markets over the past week, and on this week’s Market Week in Review video, Managing Director Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction Adam Goff explains how Switzerland’s unexpected decision to unpeg its currency from the Euro, and Thursday’s announcement of a huge stimulus program by the European Central Bank, may affect the outlook for European equities and global markets.

Mark Soupiset hosts this week’s episode, which also takes a look at a variety of important economic news from Asia and the U.S., as well as key factors investors should keep their eyes on for the week ahead.