Tax-Managed Real Assets Fund

Using tax strategies approach to real asset investing for taxable investors.

Fund objective

Seeks to provide long term capital growth on an after-tax basis.


Effective June 10, 2019, the RIC Tax-Managed Real Assets Fund was launched.


Funds_Class Funds_Ticker Funds_CUSIP
A RTXAX 78250F265
C RTXCX 78250F257
M RTXMX 78250F224
S RTXSX 78250F182

Investment strategy

  • Invests across real assets, focusing on U.S. real estate, global infrastructure and global natural resources to seek to provide equity-like returns over a market cycle while mitigating downside risk relative to equities.

Fund highlights

  • Combines experienced third-party money managers who specialize in a real assets sector.
  • Implements tax-optimized strategies including tax-loss harvesting, turnover management, and yield reduction to seek to manage tax implications of the Fund.
  • Seeks to adapt to changing market conditions through shifting assets across the real assets sectors.

Holdings for this fund will be available soon.

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