DC outsourcing: A compendium of white papers on fiduciary solutions

Defined contribution (DC) plans have become the primary retirement savings vehicle for many American workers. As a result, plan sponsors concerned with helping improve retirement income outcomes for participants, are being tasked with an increasing array of plan design and oversight duties. As fiduciaries they are expected to have a high level of specialized knowledge, which requires significant time and resources..

We have produced short papers focusing on various aspects of outsourcing and we have now consolidated them in this booklet, which includes the following:

  • Why DC fiduciary outsourcing?
  • What to outsource?
  • Selecting a DC plan outsourcer
  • The outsourcing contract
  • The many faces of fiduciary outsourcing
  • Fiduciary outsourcing: What liability does the sponsor retain?
  • Outsourcing: Prudent selection and monitoring of your outsourcing provider
  • The future of DC outsourcing

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