The concept of pension risk transfer for defined benefit (DB) plans has flourished since 2012. Increased balance sheet volatility, favorable lump sum interest rate rules, a desire to reduce expenses—all have contributed to plan sponsors’ interest in risk transfer options.

This toolkit is designed to help plan sponsors address important questions about pension risk transfer, including:

  • What options are available to sponsors?
  • How quickly should a plan expect to move to termination?
  • What additional analysis may be needed for annuity buyouts?
  • What are the primary considerations for evaluating a hibernation strategy?
  • Should plans consider a dynamic approach to asset allocation?
  • What are the different valuation methods of pension liabilities?
  • How should plan termination affect funding and investment strategies?

Included in this toolkit:

  • Risk transfer options for defined benefit plan sponsors
  • A guide to pension plan hibernation
  • Look before you leap into annuity buyouts
  • Hibernation vs. termination: Evaluating the choice of a frozen pension plan
  • Liability-responsive asset allocation
  • A comparison of various measures of pension liabilities
  • Funding and investment strategy for DB plan terminations
  • The Frozen Plan handbook

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Pension risk transfer toolkit