Angie Santo-Walter

Angie Santo-Walter

Director, Sales Enablement

Non-profit spending policy options

June 2020
A useful framework for non-profit fiduciaries to help support the needs of their communities for generations to come.

How non-profits can improve upon the endowment model—and make it work for them

October 2017
Are you able to implement the model efficiently yourself? Read this paper to identify where additional resources would be beneficial.

Three key considerations for meeting your obligations

August 2017
As a leader of a community foundation, what keeps you up at night? See why finding the right investment provider can help you focus on your foundation’s mission.

Being a good fiduciary

August 2017
As a community foundation board member, what keeps you up at night? We provide some guidance on three issues that are key to your success.

The non-profit investment outsourcing guide

March 2017
Compare providers and learn how to conduct the RFP process to make sure your unique needs are being addressed.

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