Holly Verdeyen

Holly Verdeyen

Director of Defined Contribution Investments

Harmonizing your DB and DC investment approaches

July 2019
If you are a plan sponsor who has outsourced, or has considered outsourcing your organization’s DB plan, why not do the same for your DC plan?

Wellness is wellness: Successfully aligning financial and health wellness initiatives

November 2018
Financial wellness programs can be delivered through personalized, gamified actions that help knock down some of the barriers preventing people from taking that first step.

7 Attributes of an excellent defined contribution plan

September 2018
“How does our retirement plan compare to others?” Read more about what we believe all excellent DC plans share and actions you can take.

Helping keep participants on track to a successful retirement

May 2018
We’ve updated our target date fund glide path. See the summary of our updated glide path research and impact on our target date funds.

8 for 2018

January 2018
Priority list of 8 ideas and actions to help retirement plan sponsors guide participants toward better decision making as they save for retirement.

Best practices for target date funds and managed accounts

October 2017
Defined contribution plan excellence goes beyond picking investments and meeting with managers. See how many small steps in the right direction can improve participants’ lives in retirement.

The hybrid QDIA – A natural evolution of default investing

June 2017
In search of a potentially better fit for your DC plan? The hybrid QDIA draws the strengths of each qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) approach.

Defined contribution retirement plan handbook

May 2017
For DC investment committees, CFOs, and HR employee benefits professionals.

The three things Defined Contribution (DC) plan sponsors need to focus on

July 2016
Given the evolution of defined contribution plans, Russell Investments Holly Verdeyen discusses three areas that plan sponsors need to target to help participants save successfully for retirement.

Defined Contribution plan re-enrollment: A fiduciary imperative? (Updated)

March 2016
This paper looks at the role re-enrollment can play in guiding DC participants to an appropriate asset allocation, potential roadblocks, solutions, and successful implementation.

Three myths about Outsourcing DC plans

December 2014
Russell’s Holly Verdeyen dispels three common myths that often come into play when defined contribution plan sponsors consider the issue of outsourcing.

Striving for consistency: Complementary approaches to target date funds and managed accounts

September 2014
This paper outlines areas plan sponsors should be aware of as they strive for consistency in their DC plans between target date funds’ (TDF) and managed accounts’ approaches.
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