Leola Ross


Negative screening and performance consequences: How much is too much?

November 2018
What is the performance impact of excluding ESG securities in a portfolio? We created thousands of simulated portfolios with various exclusions to identify how–and how much–these can affect a portfolio.

Best practices for responsible investing

June 2018
From policy and beliefs to practice. Take a look at our best practices developed from our set of four beliefs.

Managing success: How do active managers handle increasing AUM?

February 2018
“Mindful of cash flow requirements.” Read this paper to discover the six other techniques utilized by managers to effectively accommodate AUM growth.

Why we believe in active manager skill and why we believe we can find it

June 2017
Skill matters. We provide validation to our beliefs of having active manager skill and the success of our manager research.

ESG: Does investing for values generate investment value?

July 2015
Leola Ross, Ph.D., CFA, Director of Investment Strategy Research, leads an effort to explore correlations between active management and environmental, social and governance (ESG) values. Whether intended or not, active managers often align themselves to significant ESG qualities.

The evolution of real listed assets

August 2012
This Russell Investments Research paper addresses: why real assets, why real assets are an income and growth story and why active management is important to real assets investing.
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