Lisa Schneider

Lisa Schneider

Managing Director, Non Profits & Health Care Systems

Non-profit Newsletter (Focus) - Edition 2, 2018

May 2018
The 2nd edition of the 2018 Non-profit newsletter features a special guest: Donald Summers, founder of Altruist Partners, who sheds light on how non-profits can enhance their performance, Mike Auger recounts a success story of a large health system reducing complexity after facing a wave of consolidation activity, and two of Russell Investment thought leaders discuss why materiality matters in responsible investing.

Non-profit Newsletter (Focus) - Edition 1, 2018

February 2018
The 1st edition of the 2018 Non-profit Focus newsletter features articles from Russell Investment thought leaders on: how we are preparing clients' portfolios for the impending shift in the markets, tax reform, and the impact we expect it to have on non-profit organizations and how fiduciaries can create value through strategic decisions.

Five questions for hospital and healthcare fiduciaries to consider in 2018

January 2018
Are you doing everything you can to keep your organization financially healthy? Read more of our questions to consider in 2018 and our recommendations on how to address them.

Non-profit Newsletter (Focus) - Edition 3, 2017

October 2017
The third edition of the 2017 Non-profit Focus newsletter features articles from Russell Investment thought leaders on: how you can maximize the investment expertise of an outsourcing provider, ways to improve upon the endowment model, unpacks the hurdle rate of return that your portfolio needs to survive, and Harvard’s new multi-asset positioning, and why a total-portfolio approach to investing adds value in the long term.

Three key considerations for meeting your obligations

August 2017
As a leader of a community foundation, what keeps you up at night? See why finding the right investment provider can help you focus on your foundation’s mission.

Being a good fiduciary

August 2017
As a community foundation board member, what keeps you up at night? We provide some guidance on three issues that are key to your success.

Are you sure you’re managing all of your risks?

April 2017
Your ongoing success depends on being able to manage the portfolio dynamically while avoiding undue risks.

The non-profit investment outsourcing guide

March 2017
Compare providers and learn how to conduct the RFP process to make sure your unique needs are being addressed.

FAQ: Who does what?

September 2014
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Russell Investments' investment outsourcing approach with non-profits (NP), including: what can be outsourced and investor’s fiduciary role
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