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Communiqué presents our latest thinking on current and emerging investment issues of importance to our institutional clients. A quarterly forum for discussing forward-thinking, thought-provoking investment ideas, Communiqué may change the way you view your investments—and the way you view Russell Investments.

Summer 2018

Governance checklist for today’s fiduciaries

Also inside this issue:
  • Recognizing long-term progress in target date funds
  • Why meetings matter
  • Q&A: Tax reform for DB plans

Winter 2018

Managing success: How do active managers handle increasing AUM?

Also inside this issue:
  • What are reasonable outcomes to expect from a target date glide path?
  • Is the active management community diverse enough?
  • Q&A: Enhancements in factor-based portfolio construction

Fall 2017

Best practices for target date funds and managed accounts

Also inside this issue:
  • An interest rate hedging diagnostic
  • The human element of OCIO
  • Q&A: The practical implications of tight credit spreads

Summer 2017

Factor exposures in multi-asset portfolios

Also inside this issue:
  • The hybrid QDIA — A natural evolution of default investing
  • Why we believe in active manager skill and why we believe we can find it
  • Russell Investments’ approach to managing reduced–carbon portfolios

Winter 2017

The impact of interest rate expectations on LDI strategy

Also inside this issue:
  • Should investors stay home or go global in 2017?
  • Simplifying the LDI story by focusing on the three DB hedge ratio levers
  • Corporate pension outlook for 2017

Fall 2016

The evolution of multi-asset

Also inside this issue:
  • Adaptive investing – better data makes better solutions
  • Market disruptors
  • Dynamic portfolio management

Summer 2016

Evaluating OCIO

Also inside this issue:
  • DC Outsourcing: A compendium of white papers on fiduciary solutions
  • Increasing default risk could add liability drag
  • Sustainable investing trends for 2016

Winter 2016

Outlook 2016

Also inside this issue:
  • Active share
  • Considerations for re-risking
  • Productivity: How to get more done
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