DOL Fiduciary Rule

Are you ready?

Advisors are witnessing what is arguably the most disruptive moment in the financial services industry. We’re here to help.

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DOL Fiduciary Rule

How might you be impacted?

Successfully adapting to the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule will likely require you to make a blizzard of changes to everything from share classes, to how you run your business and interact with clients. To further complicate matters, you're likely facing other disruptions that were already under way long before the DOL rule became front page news:

  • Competition from robo-advisors
  • Fee pressures
  • Technology integration

Taken together, the bar for being a top-performing advisor is being raised.

How can Russell Investments help?

Helping advisors transform their business - whether for regulatory or competitive reasons - is anything but new to Russell Investments. It is our heritage.

We've been helping our clients meet the fiduciary challenge for over 40 years as they take on more accountability for their clients' outcomes. For nearly 20 years, our practice management programs have helped advisors cement the four pillars of sustainability in their businesses.

Whether you need a little education or a lot of re-engineering, we're committed to helping you brave the new post-DOL world with confidence.

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