Value of an advisor

Russell Investments' mutual fund products are available exclusively through financial advisors and we believe advisors play a vital role in helping individual investors reach their financial goals. Advisors can help you make informed decisions by understanding your goals, recommending solutions and making sure your portfolio stays on track.

What can you expect from a financial advisor?

Value of an advisor

How can an advisor benefit you and your goals?

  • Reviewing and adjusting your investment portfolio through your life stages.
  • Offering a balanced perspective and specialized expertise as a neutral 3rd party
  • Helping you stay on track to meet your goals, as markets go up and down.
  • Delving into the nuances of investing and investment products. Helping you choose a diversification strategy to manage overall portfolio risk.

How is Russell Investments different?

Our investment solutions are available exclusively through financial advisors who can help you discover a good fit for your unique situation. Through your advisor, you’ll have access to our Multi-Asset Solutions – total portfolio solutions across an investors’ lifecycle that are designed to provide as much certainty as possible in achieving your desired outcomes.

All investing carries risk, so we offer independent advisors who sell our funds the tools and products to meet the challenge. It's our purpose to help improve your financial security. It's about helping you achieve the outcomes you seek.

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