A series of simple, illustrative guides

Brevity has a quality all its own. Whether you're a CEO, CFO, CIO, Trustee, Board Member, or Investment Committee member, you've got a lot on your plate. With this in mind, we have created these helpful handbooks for fiduciaries.

Investment handbooks for fiduciaries

Defined benefit (DB) plan resources

Corporate pension finance

Pension plans and the corporations that sponsor them have been stretched as never before. Some of the largest plan sponsors—GM, Ford, and Verizon Communications—have transferred pension risk out of their plans. Ultimately, the penalty for getting a plan’s investment strategy wrong can be terminal, proven by recent bankruptcy filings citing a pension fund as a main cause. While the challenge is great, practical solutions do exist. Learn more and request this practical overview for Treasurers, CFOs, CIOs, board and committee members.

Frozen plan management

Thousands of U.S. corporations have already frozen pension benefit accruals as an early step on the path towards eventual plan termination. Many others are considering such a step. Our Frozen Plan Handbook, which is designed as a simple, illustrative guide for those who have already frozen—or are considering freezing—their pension plans may help in your decision-making. See an overview and request your own copy.

Defined contribution (DC) plan resources

Defined contribution plan management

This handbook is designed to help you better understand today’s DC market and prevailing best practices as you build and manage a plan to help participants' meet their retirement income needs while fulfilling your fiduciary obligations.

Defined contribution outsourcing

This compendium of eight short papers helps answer the why, what, and how questions on the various aspects of outsourcing.

A resource for non-profit investor organizations

The non-profit handbook is designed to provide practical advice, planning tools and best practice information to help you successfully fulfill your non-profit fiduciary responsibilities.

A guide for hospitals and healthcare systems

The healthcare handbook is a step-by-step guide for non-profit hospital and healthcare systems – a fiduciary roadmap to help simplify the management of your complex investment programs.

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