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Explore our tax managed solutions designed to maximize after-tax returns. Use our tools and materials to complement your client conversations.

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Tax managed portfolios designed to maximize after-tax returns.
Because it's not what you make, it's what you get to keep.

Model portfolios: Tax-managed model strategies

Not sure yet which one is the best fit? Compare all tax-managed model strategies.

Living in California or New York State? Consider saving even more on taxes with our California or New York State Model Portfolios below.

Model portfolios: Tax-managed state specific model strategies

Not sure yet which one is the best fit? Compare all Tax-Managed California Model Strategies or Tax-Managed New York Model Strategies.

Make the portfolio as unique as the investor

Managed accounts: Personalized Managed Accounts

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The next level of customization in separately managed accounts

Personalized Managed Accounts

Tax efficient investing strategies for every type of investor

Individual funds: Tax managed funds & Tax-Exempt funds

Demonstrate the value & impact of active tax management to your clients

Tax-management tools & calculators

MAP builder proposal

Create a custom investment proposal for your client's specific scenario.

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Does tax-management make a difference?

Illustrate how much you could gain in excess return (and how much you could save in taxes) with a tax managed portfolio.

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Value of Tax Management

How do our tax managed funds stack up?

Compare the tax implications of our funds with a custom set of other investment products.

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Tax impact comparison

Spread the word.
Use these popular materials to tell the tax-management story.

Tax-management marketing materials for conversations with end investors

Learn the basics of what tax management is and how it helps

Tax-managed 101

Russell Investments can help you oversee your tax-managed investments with an after-tax awareness.

Our approach to tax management

Create long-term wealth for your clients, and for your business

Transition to tax management