Consulting and investment advice

Our long-term relationships with institutional consulting clients create a true sense of working with one another to help achieve successful outcomes. Our consulting teams are personally involved with each client and become an extension of your investment experts.

Proven expertise on your side of the table; tailor fit for you

We apply our experience, scale and breadth of global capital markets insights and manager research to help ensure a tailored fit for your unique circumstances.

We can help with:

  • Governance
  • Investment objectives
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Research and information on markets and managers
  • Portfolio structure
  • After-tax investment
  • Efficient implementation of investment strategy

Global manager oversight & due diligence

Our manager research runs deep to inspect all the aspects of a manager's business to provide you with a complete picture.

Smart decisions are driven by strong evidence.

This evidence-driven research is conducted on the managers hired or considered for Russell Investments' fund portfolios.

  • This includes ongoing monitoring and/or follow-up support on issues and recommendations with managers.

Due diligence in alternative investments

  • Our operational due diligence in alternative investments includes analysis of hedge, private capital and real estate money managers.

Compliance and operational due diligence is distinct and complementary to research focused on the investment aspects of a manager's business.

  • Compliance and operational due diligence gives decision-makers another way to evaluate managers—and to help verify that they have the ability to deliver on their investment propositions.

Operational and business issues have been contributing factors in many fund failures.

  • Without a well designed operational and compliance control structure, the risk of operational errors and regulatory fines increases. Quality due diligence can help identify risks outside of investment and market risks.



When you invest, it's good to know you're among the best. Russell Investments has been globally recognized for excellence in the investment industry.


For the 13th year in a row, Russell Investments was ranked as one of the top 10 largest consultants. Ranking is based on worldwide institutional assets under advisement (AUA) by the 2021 Pensions & Investments “Special Report: Investment Consultants”.

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Liability-driven investing advice

Helping you manage the complex picture of your pension plan.

We know what's at stake

A misalignment with the assets and liabilities of your pension plan could have severe consequences for both the plan sponsor and the beneficiaries. Real people are depending on the future payouts in order to enjoy their retirement years. As a fiduciary, it is your responsibility to manage your organization's pension fund in the context of the promises made to your employees and pensioners. We will work alongside your team to develop a tailored liability-driven investment (LDI) strategy designed to fit your organization.

Proven innovation

When the Pension Protection Act of 2006 changed the way plan sponsors looked at their pensions, we took action by developing a new approach we call liability-responsive asset allocation (LRAA).

We will provide sound guidance to develop an efficient and effective LDI strategy to meet your organization's long-term needs. Your LDI strategy may include:

  • Interest rate hedging
  • Inflation rate hedging
  • Fixed income strategies
  • Implementing swaps and other derivatives

We also offer an LDI implementation solution

Precise management

Designed to reflect the behavior of pension liabilities, the Bloomberg LDI Index Series measures U.S. liability-driven investing (LDI) portfolios and help you better- manage pension funding requirements. Further, it more closely matches the duration and credit quality of a plan's obligations than other commonly used fixed income indexes or yield curves and can be used to evaluate the skill of managers in their ability to reduce the tracking error of the fixed income portfolio return against the pension's liabilities return.

We are a leading global investment solutions partner dedicated to improving people's financial security.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

By reducing your operational burden, you're free to focus on what matters most to you.

Customized Portfolio Solutions

Combine your internal resources with our global capabilities and expertise designed to gain more portfolio control, limit costs, reduce risk and enhance returns.

Funds and Strategies

For investment solutions designed to deliver your desired outcomes, access our innovative range of products and service to complete your portfolio.



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