Separate accounts

Depending upon the size of your organization, we may be able to offer you a fully customized approach. This includes your own dedicated Russell Investments portfolio manager who will be there with you every step of the way and will have access to a complete team of Russell Investments experts to lean on.

Our separate account solution is designed to benefit our clients. Our investment process constantly evolves with the times.

Russell Investment's multi-style, multi-manager investment process is continuously evolving as the markets change and technology develops.

Enhanced diversification and fiduciary oversight

Based upon one of the world's largest investment manager research efforts, our investment process delivers Russell Investment's best ideas in convenient solutions. This exhaustive manager research effort provides clients with a significant information advantage and also places them in an improved fiduciary position. By combining premier investment managers using different investment approaches, our investment process also provides additional risk management and diversification.

Professional investment staff providing strategic advice

Delivering investment results in line with long-term objectives requires constant attention to all of the details of investment implementation. Expertise and experience in specialized areas of fund management is imperative for success. Russell Investments will dedicate a team of investment professionals led by a portfolio manager as well as a dedicated client service team who are all focused on the management and optimization of your investment program.

Economies of scale managing total investment cost

A critical component of our expertise is the ability to manage the total cost of fund management and investment implementation. With our experience in managing client assets, we have built the infrastructure and expertise to manage portfolios in a cost-effective manner.

When it comes to helping you achieve your goals, we believe that smart decisions are driven by strong evidence. So we take an evidence-driven approach, regularly inspecting and analyzing the key factors affecting your desired outcomes, and creating opportunities and strategies to help reach them.


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