The benefits of investment outsourcing (OCIO)

Building tailored investment solutions about your needs.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our clients in four decades of OCIO partnerships, it’s that there's more than money at stake. People are counting on the success of your investment efforts. We're here to help. It's our mission: improving people’s financial security.

We have the right capabilities to help you achieve your goals


With 50 years of advisory experience and 40 years as an OCIO provider, we have worked with some of the world's most sophisticated investors to help achieve successful, long-term outcomes. Our industry-recognized manager research capabilities and capital markets insights are part and parcel of the solutions we deliver.

Flexibility in levels of discretion

Every client is different: different objectives, different organizational structures, different needs. With 40 years of experience designing investment solutions for clients around the globe, we are experts at designing individualized programs that also leverage our scale and buying power.


Investment management

We seek out the best investment strategies for you–whether they are internal to us or exist elsewhere–and combine them into a multi-asset portfolio designed to deliver the results you need.

Award-winning implementation

You deserve industry-leading research and award-winning implementation services. Thought leadership and access to innovative, results-oriented strategies like transition management, tactical portfolio tilting, and strategic overlays, to name a few. Multi-billion dollar plans buy these services from us a la carte, but they're included by default within our OCIO service.

Administrative support

Our solutions most often include administrative features such as trust & custody, audit support, cash management, rebalancing, fiduciary and regulatory compliance, and many other aspects of daily account administration–another important way in which our experienced team can act as an extension of your staff.

Our customized OCIO approach sets us apart from the rest

Cost efficiencies and scale benefits

Size matters when negotiating fees. Our clients benefit from the access and pricing we negotiate with asset managers.

Increasing accountability

We will serve as a co-fiduciary for your plan – that’s a whole different order of accountability than what’s typically offered by a consultant.

Solving your resource problem

Our dedicated and experienced client service team will serve as an extension of your staff so that you and your board can focus on strategy, oversight, and your core business.

Dynamic management

Managing a portfolio via quarterly committee meetings lets too much opportunity pass by. We can manage your portfolio on a daily basis without asking you to sacrifice transparency or oversight.

Focus on performance and outcomes

Performance is good, but only if it moves you toward your desired outcome. We can help you manage to (and track your progress toward) the goals that matter most to you.

Total portfolio risk management

Understanding risk is more important than ever, particularly in the context of market volatility.

Built around you

Our approach is deliberately flexible. Every solution is built around your unique needs, with the flexibility to evolve with you as your needs change.

Global investment approach

Our global investment approach–developed over the last 50 years–efficiently focuses a diversified selection of many of the Russell Investments' researched "best-in-class" money managers and strategies on your goals.

Specialized practices

Our specialists bring an intimate understanding of the issues faced by organizations like yours, drawing from years of first-hand, local experience and our broader practices.

Outsourced CIO solutions tailored for your unique needs

Strategic advice

  • Objective setting
  • Governance and fiduciary framework
  • Model portfolios
  • Risk modeling
  • Asset/Liability analysis
  • Investment policy review / update
  • Capital markets research
  • New investment strategies analysis and education
  • Benchmarking


  • Portfolio structure and construction
  • Manager research, selection, monitoring and contracting
  • Operational due diligence
  • Dynamic asset allocation
  • Risk management
  • Fund operations
  • Cash securitization
  • Transition management


  • Trust and custody for Russell-managed assets
  • Online accounting and performance reporting
  • ERISA reporting
  • Audit assistance
  • Retiree services & benefit payments
  • Target allocation maintenance
  • Cash management

Valued services

  • “MyAccess” – secured client site
  • Dedicated client team
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Research & educational events


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