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Does my plan align with where the market is going?

At Russell Investments, you gain insight from a dedicated in-house team of specialists with global reach and an information advantage to leverage what more than 200 leading investment teams buy and sell every day.

We invest considerably in understanding the interaction between asset classes. Our capital markets researchers continually evolve our strategic asset allocation modelling and structure principles, enabling us to construct portfolios that are designed to better fit your return objectives and risk tolerance.

Capital markets research also informs our enhanced asset allocation capability, which aims to add incremental returns while maintaining portfolio discipline. This allows you to 'tilt' your portfolio to take advantage of market extremes, and add another potential source of return.

Key facts:

  • Nearly 600 investment professionals, including 311 dedicated to Capital Markets & Manager Research, Portfolio Management, and Implementation¹
  • Major investment media outlets regularly call on our leading thinkers
  • We link multiple economies in a single modeling framework to achieve global consistency²

¹As of December 31, 2015
²Data are updated semi-annually

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