Choosing the right outsourced CIO provider

Not all outsourcing solutions are created equal

As the fiduciary for your endowment or foundation, only you can decide what decisions your organization will retain, what decisions to outsource and how to work with your service provider to help you achieve your investing goals.

When we work with a new client, we use a simple rule—retain control over the decisions you have the expertise to make and the time and resources to implement, and delegate the rest.

When choosing your provider take into account:

  • The years and depth of experience the organization has with outsourcing
  • Their approach to working with you and the amount of customization they provide
  • Their understanding of today’s volatile markets and their ability to flexibly adapt
  • Their reputation in the industry and level of integrity
  • The cultural fit with your organization

You're looking for a team of professionals who are as passionate as you are about achieving your mission. Request our outsourcing guide to help you build a framework for how to assign roles and responsibilities at each phase of the investment process. 

Working with a provider who can combine strategic advice, asset management and implementation expertise into a single relationship, may allow you the total portfolio perspective to meet your goals. Learn more about our outsourced CIO solution.

Investment program governance structures

Watch a webcast recording on the process of evaluating the governance and decision-making structure for a community foundation's investment program.


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